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More info about OftenOnline

What is Often Online?

OftenOnline stands for ‘Our Favorite Ten Online’ – the best ten websites in a wide range of categories, as chosen by our users. OftenOnline is an easy to use directory that helps people to find the best websites on the Internet.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a website if you don't know exactly what you are looking for. Search engines are great if you know what you want, but many of us also like to browse and discover things we have forgotten about, or never knew existed. OftenOnline brings the best content on the web to the surface and makes it easier than ever to navigate the Internet.

Why is using OftenOnline any better than just using a search engine?

OftenOnline is supposed to be used as well as, not instead of search engines. If you want to find a particular website or service that you know at least some information about, there is no better place than a search engine to find it.

However, if you are interested in shopping around and browsing the best ten websites in every popular area on the Internet (Social Networking, Online banking, Sport etc), OftenOnline provides a quick and easy way to do this. You could say that OftenOnline is a ‘browse engine’.

How are the ten websites in each category chosen?

By our users, for our users. Our visitors vote for their favorite websites and the ten most popular are featured, please vote now if you would like to take part. The top ten websites are updated every three months to reflect the voting and ensure that we are always up-to-date with the sites that people are using.

As OftenOnline has just launched and we are still building up votes from our users, the top ten website choices will initially be based on a combination of different factors, including:
  • All of the votes submitted so far (thanks!)
  • A recent survey of web users conducted for OftenOnline by renowned market research company Redshift Research
  • The actual number of users visiting each website each month
  • How high the websites appear in relevant search results
After we have built up enough votes in the first few months to provide credible independent recommendations, the top ten sites will be based entirely on people contributing to the voting process where can I vote?

Are any websites excluded?

Yes. We will do our best to make sure that no websites with offensive or illegal content are recommended via OftenOnline. Obviously we can’t be responsible for monitoring every piece of content that appears on every website, but we will endeavor to exclude any sites that are known to feature any such content. We encourage our users to get in touch and inform us if any of the websites we feature are in breach of this policy. Please see our Website Terms for full details.

Is OftenOnline free to use?

Yes, it is completely free for all users and always will be.

Does OftenOnline feature adverts on the website?

As with most free websites, OftenOnline is funded by advertising. We have tried to ensure that any advertising we feature is relevant and non-intrusive. This means that we don’t accept certain formats like pop-up adverts and we have a strict policy on excluding any advertising that may cause offense to our users. Please feel free to contact us if you have any feedback about the advertising that you see on the website. Every aspect of OftenOnline has been designed for the benefit our users and we genuinely want to ensure that it is an enjoyable place to spend time.

Can companies pay to be included in the top ten websites?

No. The ten favorite websites are chosen by our audience and we do not accept payments to feature websites here. The site is funded by advertising but adverts will only appear in the standard advertising positions, not the top ten recommended website lists.