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Best Websites of 2011 - the sites to watch

Welcome to the first edition of the OftenOnline blog. We will use this platform to share our thoughts about the best new websites and internet trends that we encounter whilst bringing you the web’s most popular sites. The current hot topic, not just in the OftenOnline office, but in the minds of people right across the globe, is money (or the lack of it!).    


Research conducted on behalf of oftenonline.com reveals that when people are looking for bargains, they head online first! The survey gives a fascinating insight into how the internet is enabling people to continue spending their money throughout these austere times, while also benefiting from discounts and incentives.


People were asked to name their 10 favorite websites, and each of the answers was given a category: Social Networking, News, Shopping, etc. The results show that websites categorized as being directly connected to money saving and offering discounts formed 14.2% of the responses. To put this in some perspective, Social Networking accounted for 6.5%.


Top of the pile was discount retailer, amazon, which received 5.2% of nominations, while auction website, ebay, was not far behind with 4.9%. By comparison, the top social networking site, Facebook, received 4.3% of nominations.


Another stand-out feature of the survey data was the number of different sites that fell under the heading Coupons Discounts & Incentives. While the majority only received a few nominations, the category still accounted for 3.3% of nominations in total, with hotukdeals being the most popular individual site.


It will be interesting to see how these sites fair in the future – will people still be in love with coupons and vouchers in years to come? Will restaurants and stores think of other ways to get people through their doors?


Overall, oftenonline’s survey suggests that for most UK internet users, their main motivation for going online is to hunt down a bargain, either directly through retailers, auction sites, or the growing number of coupon companies. For the time being, above social networking or news, discount retailing is the king of the internet!